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Target Fixation - when the scale refuses to move

In the motorcycle safety course, they teach about something called target fixation.


In a nutshell, target fixation is a behavioral phenomenon in which you spend so much time focusing on a certain object that you actually end up running straight into it.


For example, you see an object in the road and rather than steering to avoid it, you stare at it until you hit it, even when you think you’ve made corrective measures. As you can imagine, the results can be, let’s say . . . unfavorable.


What they teach to avoid falling victim to target fixation is to practice focusing on the path that you want to take around the object rather than the object itself.

The same thing happens in weight loss (or other fitness and habit based goals). We think we’ve made the appropriate corrective measures and we stare at the scale expecting to see results. But when the scale doesn’t move, we beat ourselves up and just give up. We assume that the changes we made didn’t work when in reality, we didn’t change as much as we thought.


What we need to do is focus on the tools we have available to us, like our food and workout trackers, to make sure that we really have made all the changes we needed to. When we do so, we shouldn’t even have to look back at the scale, because we already know that we are on the right path. Then when we look in the rear view mirror, the obstacle will be behind us and we are clear of danger.

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