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💪 Are you training, or just working out?

💪 Are you training, or are you just working out?

Working out is great. There are plenty benefits to working out:

✨Developing a healthy, active lifestyle

✨Improving general health and fitness

✨Building discipline and patience

✨Lowering stress levels and improving mental health

✨And more!


So what’s the difference between working out and training?

Working out is the general term we use for regular exercise, which is what I would say most people do. Maybe you prefer running, yoga, HIIT workouts, or lifting weights. Whatever it is you are doing as your preferred method of exercise, those are your workouts. But what are your ultimate goals in doing those workouts?

Training is working towards a specific fitness goal. When most people hear of training, they probably think of an athlete training for a specific sport or event. Like a marathon running working on improving their endurance to run harder for longer, or a lineman working their explosiveness to get off the line faster and strength to push their opponent out of the way.


But anyone can train! If you have goals for gaining strength and muscle, losing fat, correcting muscular imbalances, increasing flexibility and mobility, endurance training, running faster. . . anything you can think of, you can train for. The key is to have that goal in mind when you are putting your workout and nutrition plan together.


Personally, right now I'm in the final phase of a program that is designed to help me re-establish my form in many of the basic movement patterns so that I can be more equipped to progress further. I'm also working to improve my mobility and being able to move with strength in all forms and planes of motion. I have a feeling its going to come in handy during my first big obstacle course race, the Rugged Maniac, this weekend!


So with your own exercise are you training, or just working out? I’d love to hear what you are doing, what your goals are, and if you found this helpful. Let me know in the comments of my IG post, and tag your accountability buddy to invite them to share as well!

There are tons of great resources to help you adjust your workout routine and nutrition plan to make that shift and really hone in on your goals and get better results. I as your trainer can help you find what route is best for you, whether its getting you set up with 1:1 training with me, allowing me to write a custom workout plan for you, getting set up with online workouts like the ones you see me doing, or even recalculating your calorie bracket and adjusting your macros. I’m here to help you however you need, all you have to do is reach out!

🤘Let’s Goooo!🤘


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