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JUST ANNOUNCED: Let's Get Up! - A New Program from Shaun T!

Shaun T is back with a new program, coming Spring 2021! It’s “Let’s Get Up!” — a dance fitness program with an emphasis on fun, positivity, and feeling good while getting a truly effective workout. This will be known as “the fun one!” It’s a breakthrough integration of dance and fitness that will be easy-to-follow and accessible to people of all dance and fitness levels. Not only will you see the physical transformation you expect from Beachbody, but you will support your body positivity, self-confidence, and joy! Whether you’re new to fitness or keeping the momentum of living your best life, Shaun T shows you how to maximize the moves so anyone can make this the greatest 30 minutes of their day. Shaun integrates easy-to-follow cardio dance sequences, body-weight resistance training, and even his own Insanity-based moves set to music. It all builds to a “post-able” performance opportunity at the end of class as a reward for getting up and getting it done. Get ready to have some fun, and Let’s Get Up in Spring 2021!


Why wait? Sign up now and get started on any of our other amazing programs and be prepared to dive into 9 Week Control Freak on launch day!

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