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What Is 9 Week Control Freak?

9 Week Control Freak is a nine-week program that combines three powerful training protocols — in the same workout — to put you on the fast track to the body you want.

Broken into three 3-week phases which will increase in intensity and exercise difficulty, 9 Week Control Freak is the latest program from Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese, who designed it as a total-body solution to help you build muscle, shed fat, boost endurance, and increase definition from head to toe faster than you ever thought possible.

We’re redefining what control freak means and really highlighting the benefits by turning it into a positive. Take control of all the things in your life — nutrition, exercise, sleep — to live a happier, healthier life. 

What makes 9 Week Control Freak unique? 9 Week Control Freak packs an incredibly effective and intense workout into just 18 to 30 minutes, 5 days a week. You won’t waste a second to get sweating, because you’re working out smarter and harder, not longer. Three innovative methods— Density Training, Strength Complexes, and Tabata—in 3 of the 5 weekly workouts will target major muscle groups with a combination of resistance training and cardio to help build strength, increase stamina, and boost your cardiovascular system. You’ll use the Control Track, a revolutionary new piece of essential equipment that hits your muscles from multiple angles and heights to increase time under tension, a key muscle-growth driver. The Core Ball is used in every workout to target and engage your core. By totally integrating nutrition and a proactive approach to rest into the program, Autumn wants you to have EVERY tool you need to succeed, reach your goals, and feel great.

What Kinds of Workouts Are in 9 Week Control Freak?

9 Week Control Freak requires you to commit to five days of exercise per week: three “DCT-T” workouts (Density, Complexes, and Tabata Training), one day of total-body toning, and one day of express cardio and core. In addition, there will be supplemental 10-minute workouts to target certain muscle groups. 

  • Density training helps torch fat and build strength and stamina by amplifying training intensity.

  • Strength complexes shift muscle-building into overdrive by forcing your muscles to work harder for longer. Research shows that one of the most powerful stimuli for muscle growth is “time under tension” (TUT), which is how long a muscle is under strain during a set. By not allowing you to put down your weights or let go of your resistance bands until you’ve completed every rep of every exercise, Autumn’s strength complexes combine a handful of different exercises to create one giant set that maximizes TUT — and muscle gains.

  • Tabata-inspired interval training helps incinerate calories and increases exercise capacity by challenging your speed, strength, and staying power.

Together, they create a powerful stimulus for a total-body transformation that’s amplified by separate strength-training and cardio workouts each week.

You’ll be doing a variety of different workouts each week in 9 Week Control Freak, but they all share a single collective goal: to help you become stronger, leaner, more powerful, and more athletic in record time. In just 20 to 30 minutes at home, you can trigger more muscle growth, incinerate more calories, and burn more fat than many people do in an hour at the gym.  

What Equipment Do I Need?